Lide Intelligence

What we create is exactly what you need.

Lide Advantage

Help customers improve the intelligent level of entrance and exit management

High-quality supporting products

Lide employees are good at exploring customer needs, through reasonable structure design, rigorous process, harsh raw material selection and extreme control of details, so as to produce stable, beautiful, intelligent and durable products

First-rate technical team

Just as top-notch “hospital” cannot be created by “pharmacy”, high-quality products must be planned by a first-class technical team and designed to be valuable; the Lide team’s experience comes from practical experience and is by no means verbal.

A good after-sales service

Lide Intelligent provides high-quality after-sales maintenance services and responds to customer needs in seconds. If the phone cannot be communicated to solve the problem, the local engineer closest to the project site will come to solve it for free to ensure that the customer site can operate normally.

Full life cycle service

Lide not only provides high-quality products, but also focuses on the safety and convenient management needs of customers' entrances and exits, and provides full life cycle services. Help customers improve the level of entrance and exit management, and promote the integration of university access and safety management.

Lide Introduction

What we are pursued is exactly what you need

Guangdong lide Intelligence Technology CO., Ltd is a leading company specializing in providing intelligent channel solutions. The main products are Intelligence turnstile, smart parking management system, and anti-terrorism roadblock system.It is located in Tian’an Science and Technology Park,Guangzhou. Lide Intelligent Control chooses to start from here, let the brand go to the world.
Committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with professional, efficient, and convenient intelligent entrance and exit solutions, simplifying complexity, realizing scientific, intelligent, and data management of personnel and vehicles; improving channel management efficiency, reducing labor costs, and reducing safety Hidden dangers. Lide adheres to the "three immortal" corporate core values of " Establish ethics, Perfect words, Positive action " as its business philosophy: "Establishing wisdom, security, and moral quality", and perseverance, born for the classic quality of smart channels, and create a smart channel brand that affects the world !

Lide Culture

Practice innovation, reject mediocrity

There are no lengthy and boring meetings and processes in Lide,
every Lide employee is working together with top talents in various fields in an equal,
relaxed and partner-like working atmosphere;
We have provided professional services for the education system,
financial system, and public security system for many times with the work attitude of excellence and continuous pursuit of technological innovation.
By Choosing us, you will feel the professionalism and diligence of Lide employees anytime, anywhere.

Lide, continue to create maximum value for customers with extraordinary technology. Chairman of the Board / Qianxin Ling

Product Idea

Ingenuity in pursuit of perfect quality


In terms of product design, we advocate minimalism, simple design and demanding craftsmanship requirements to make products full of texture and elegent, not only the industrial products, but also the works of art.


How to improve traffic efficiency while effectively controlling? This has always enabled Lide to explore the direction of customer needs and make traffic management intelligent and digital in a scientific way. Customers pass without feeling, and dangers have nowhere to hide.