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Under the Epidemic, Lide’s Face Temperature Machine Helps Europe Fight the Epidemic.


In order to meet the needs of foreign countries in fighting the epidemic, Guangdong Lide Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. began to sell contactless infrared face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machines from April. The device is convenient and flexible to install, and can be installed on the barrier gate, and can also be installed on the wall and column. At present, more than 800 sets of products have been produced and installed in some European countries, such as offices, schools, institutions and supermarkets in Spain, Italy, and Russia.

It is understood that the system can perform face recognition at a distance of 50 cm while collecting human body temperature. The temperature measurement range is 16°C-40°C, and the temperature measurement error is ≦±0.3°C. It is suitable for wearing a mask. The subject does not need to take off the mask. It can realize face recognition and non-contact body temperature detection, which can better prevent cross-infection and effectively prevent and control epidemics.

At the same time, each person's temperature measurement record will be automatically generated, which can be bound to the person through the body temperature data, eliminating the process of recording and signing, and the administrator can conveniently view the temperature and attendance records of the tested person.