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Lide is in Action to Help Campus Fight the Epidemic.


The resumption of school is imminent. In response to the education department’s efforts to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia in primary and secondary schools, effectively prevent, timely control and properly handle the emergence of new coronary pneumonia that may occur after resuming school, and protect the life, health and safety of all teachers and students, Guangdong Lide Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. has launched an intelligent anti-epidemic and scientific management response plan.

Taking Shiqi Central Primary School as an example, at the entrance to the school, Lide Intelligence has installed a multi-channel swing gate for the school, equipped with a contactless face recognition temperature measurement system. The face recognition system can prevent people irrelevant to the society from entering the campus by entering the information of the admitted personnel, which brings security risks. The non-contact temperature measurement can record the daily temperature data of teachers, students and administrative staff of the school.

All these data can be accessed in the background and downloaded for inspection. Compared with manual duty and manual temperature measurement, the solution provided by Lide has effectively reduced labor costs and improved the speed and accuracy of temperature measurement. It not only effectively prevents the outbreak of campus epidemics at this stage, but also provides solutions for the scientific management of campus safety.