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Access Control Barrier Gates will Replace Artificial Intelligence in the Future.


Advantages and working principle of intelligent channel gate

With the rapid development of society today, people not only pay attention to the quality of life and work, but also pay more and more attention to safety management, and thus pay more attention to the importance of entrance and exit control management. Access control management system In addition to the commonly known access control system and parking lot access management system, barrier gate equipment has gradually manifested its important position in the entrance and exit management system.

Advantages and working principle of intelligent barrier gate

Because the intelligent passage gate can be applied to occasions with relatively wide passage requirements, including occasions with more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and packages, and special passages for people with limited mobility. Because this feature makes it very adaptable, a little modification according to specific scenarios can meet the individual needs of users.

The high-end occasions have very high requirements on the appearance of the turnstiles, and they need to have a very strong viewability. For example, the plasticity of the appearance of the swing gate is the strongest among all the gates. The material of the barrier body is rich, and the shape of the box body is also diversified. It is easy to design a beautiful and high-end shape according to the specifications and characteristics of the place. Therefore, smart swing gates are often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, smart buildings, and clubs. In addition, the operating speed of the swing gate is fast, and the safety performance is also very good, which can fully meet the needs of high-end venues.

The general working principle and process of the channel gate product are: 1) Turn on the power, and the system will enter the working state after 3 seconds; 2) When the card reader reads a valid card, the buzzer will make a pleasant sound to remind pedestrians that the card reading is successful; At the same time, it also judges and processes the information read from the card, and sends a signal to the main control board to apply for passing the wing gate; 3) The main control board receives the signal from the card reader and infrared sensor, and after comprehensive processing, The direction indicator and the motor send out effective control signals to turn the direction indicator sign into a green arrow pass sign. At this time, if the system is in the normally closed mode, the motor runs, the limit switch controls the motor rotation angle, and the gate opens (in the normally open mode) , The motor does not operate), allowing pedestrians to pass; 4) After the pedestrian passes through the wing gate passage according to the direction indicator signs, the infrared sensor senses the whole process of the pedestrian passing through the passage, and continuously sends signals to the main control board until the pedestrian has completely passed Passage; 5) If a pedestrian forgets to read the card or reads an invalid card to enter the passage, the system will prohibit pedestrians from passing (for normally open mode, the gate will be closed; normally closed mode, the gate will not operate;), and an alarm will be issued until the pedestrian exits After the wing gate channel, the alarm is released; re-read the valid card to allow passage.

Of course, different gate systems have different functions and principles, so you must choose according to your actual situation.

Practical application schemes of intelligent channel gates in various occasions’

In recent years, with the continuous improvement and development of the barrier gate industry, barrier gate products have been widely popularized and applied in various industries. Whether it is in high-level places such as government agencies, commercial buildings, hotels, etc., or in living places where people enter and exit daily, such as airports, subways, communities, schools, etc., you can see the presence of passage gate equipment. Its main application scheme is: speeding violations Punishment

License plate recognition technology combined with speed measurement equipment can be used for vehicle speeding violation penalties, generally used on highways. The specific application is: set up speed monitoring points on the road, capture speeding vehicles and identify the license plate numbers, send the license plate numbers and pictures of the illegal vehicles to each exit; set up penalty points at each exit, use the license plate recognition device to identify passing vehicles and number Compare with the number of the speeding vehicle that has been received, once the number is the same, the warning device will be activated to notify the law enforcement personnel to deal with it. Compared with traditional speeding monitoring methods, this application can save police force and reduce the work intensity of law enforcement officers. It is safe, efficient, and concealed. Drivers must always remind themselves not to speed, which greatly reduces accidents caused by speeding.


  1. Vehicle access management

Vehicle access management

Install the license plate recognition equipment at the entrance and exit, record the license plate number and time of entry and exit of the vehicle, and combine it with the control equipment of automatic doors and barriers to realize the automatic management of vehicles. Applied to parking lots, it can realize automatic time-based charging, and it can also automatically calculate the number of available parking spaces and give prompts to realize automatic parking charging management, saving manpower and improving efficiency. When applied to a smart community, it can automatically determine whether the incoming vehicle belongs to the community, and realize automatic time-based charging for non-internal vehicles. In some office building, this application can also be combined with the vehicle dispatching system to automatically and objectively record the driving situation of the unit’s vehicles. h3 Smart adopts license plate recognition technology in the traffic management system to achieve no parking, no card removal, and effective Improve the efficiency of vehicle access.

Automatic release

Enter the designated license plate information into the system, and the system automatically reads the license plates of passing vehicles and queries the internal database. For vehicles that require automatic release, the system drives the electronic gate or barrier to let them pass, and for other vehicles, the system will give a warning, which is handled by the attendant. It can be used in special units (such as military management areas, key protection units, etc.), road and bridge toll gates, high-level residential areas, etc.

Highway toll management

Install license plate recognition equipment at the entrances and exits of expressways. When the vehicle enters, it recognizes the vehicle license plate and saves the entrance data into the toll system. When the vehicle arrives at the exit, it recognizes its license plate again and calls the entrance data based on the license plate information, and realizes charging management by combining the entrance and exit data. This application can realize automatic billing and prevent cheating, avoiding the loss of receivables.

The expressway has begun to implement networked tolls. With the expansion of the networked range, the toll difference of different models is getting higher and higher. The problem of drivers taking advantage of the loopholes in the existing tolling system to evade tolls by changing cards on the way will become more and more prominent. License plate recognition technology is the fundamental method to solve such problems.

Calculate vehicle travel time

In the traffic management system, the average travel time of a vehicle on a certain road can be used as a parameter for judging the congestion condition of the road. Install license plate recognition equipment at the start and end points of the road, read all passing vehicles and transmit the license plate numbers back to the traffic command center. The management system of the command center can calculate the average travel time of the vehicles based on these results.

Automatic registration of license number

The traffic supervision department processes a large number of pictures of illegal vehicles every day, usually by manually identifying the license plate number and then inputting it into the management system. This method has a heavy workload and is prone to fatigue and misjudgment. The use of automatic identification can reduce the work intensity and greatly improve the processing speed and efficiency. This function can be used in electronic police systems, road monitoring systems, etc.

License plate recognition The parking lot management system automatically recognizes and converts the image of the vehicle license plate number captured by the camera at the entrance into a digital signal. One card, one car, the advantage of license plate recognition is that it can correspond to the card and the car, so that the management can be improved to a level. The corresponding advantage of the card and the car is that the long-term rental card must be used in conjunction with the car, eliminating the use of one card and multiple cars Loopholes, improve the efficiency of property management; at the same time, automatically compare incoming and outgoing vehicles to prevent theft. The upgraded camera system can collect clearer pictures and save them as files, which can provide strong evidence for some disputes. It is convenient for the management personnel to compare the vehicles when they leave the field, which greatly enhances the safety of the system.

Automatic vehicle license plate recognition technology is a pattern recognition technology that uses dynamic videos or static images of vehicles to automatically recognize license plate numbers and license plate colors. Through the collection and processing of the image, the automatic license plate recognition function is completed, which can automatically extract the license plate image from an image, automatically segment the characters, and then recognize the characters. The hardware foundation generally includes trigger equipment (monitoring whether the vehicle enters the field of view), camera equipment, lighting equipment, image acquisition equipment, and a processor (such as a computer) that recognizes the license plate number.


  1. Future development trend

Future trends

Smart barrier gates have developed rapidly in the past few years and have become a major trend in the access control industry. In which direction will the smart barrier gate develop in the future?

At present, most of the barrier gate users adopt a combination of manual management and equipment management to effectively manage the management area. This method takes advantage of the flexibility of manual management and the intelligent characteristics of intelligent equipment, which makes the user unit change from a completely manual management method to an era when manual management and equipment management are combined, which greatly improves work efficiency and strengthens the use of the unit’s safety management awareness has been enhanced to a certain extent.

In the future, with people's consideration of labor costs, the combination of manual management and equipment management will gradually be replaced by self-service visitor terminals, realizing unmanned and efficient management. Self-service visitor terminals can provide visitors with self-service. Visitors follow the prompts on the touch screen to select the company that needs to visit, and enter the visitor's personal information according to the prompts. The system calls the reception desk of the visited company according to the pre-configured method for voice calls or IP video calls; after the visited company confirms the identity of the visitor, enter the confirmation instruction, the self-service visitor terminal will spit out the visitor card and complete the visitor registration process.

In addition, with the improvement of visual aesthetics, people will also have higher requirements on the appearance of the passage gate equipment. In the increasingly fierce competition environment of entrance and exit control systems, it is believed that more beautiful, practical, powerful, and technologically advanced passage gate products will flood the market, bringing users a more brand-new experience.

Finally, with the further improvement of face recognition technology and application expansion, the application in the field of smart channel gates will usher in new developments