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Use AI Power to Improve Barrier Gate Skills.


In recent years, sidewalk gates have been installed beside crosswalks at many urban intersections. The gates are closed when the light is red and opened when the light is green. This move is similar to scanning the code to get toilet paper. It applies scientific and technological means to the small things of daily life, which raises the threshold for violations to a certain extent and maintains the seriousness of the rules. The barrier gate system has become an important entrance and exit protection equipment in modern society.

Barrier gate: keep out insecure factors

In the security industry, access control, monitoring, and alarm are called the "iron triangle", and the three cooperate with each other to solve security problems together. Among them, the access control system is active defense, the purpose is to keep the insecure factors out of the door, and the barrier gate is one of the common equipment of the access control system.

Barrier gates are essentially the management of the flow of people. According to different applications, they can be divided into three major categories, such as three-roll turnstile, swing gates, flap barrier gates, turnstiles, and sliding gates. They are used in subways, toll gates, community gates, schools, barrier gates can be seen in factories, supermarkets and other places.


Biometrics technology joins barrier gates to improve skills

Benefiting from related policies such as "Made in China 2025", " Actively promote the "Internet %2B" action guidance " , and "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Development of Manufacturing and Internet Integration", the output of China's barrier gate industry will continue to grow and its technological level With steady improvement, the industry continues to develop in the direction of "intelligence, automation, and networking".

At present, barrier gates are mostly combined with biometrics technology to release the hands of pedestrians and avoid the trouble of manual registration and management. Common biometric access control systems in the security market mainly include face recognition systems, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition systems, iris access control systems, palm vein recognition and finger vein recognition systems. It has been further strengthened in terms of safety, convenience, accuracy, anti-counterfeiting and management control.

With the help of biometric technology, access control gates can not only complete the management of personnel access rights, but more importantly, achieve the management of human behavior characteristics, such as personnel density statistics, frequency statistics, trajectory tracking analysis and other data information.


Cooperate with other systems to facilitate crowd management

The popularization and application of the Internet and big data has further improved the technological content of the security system. On this basis, the barrier gate can also be used in different special occasions with other systems to play a greater role.

The integration of intelligent barrier gates and face recognition terminals can realize remote visual intercom recognition, and realize basic access verification and confirmation functions. It can also complete personnel taking pictures or video recording personnel information while swiping the card, and the images are automatically uploaded and stored as a sudden Issue tracing evidence of the incident.

In addition, the face recognition system linkage function can also be connected to the public security network system for tracking and identification, real-time comparison and identification, and automatic alarms, providing effective help for public security.

With the development of technology, the market demand for barrier gates has grown rapidly, the industry has developed rapidly, and its role in the national economy has become increasingly prominent. At present, the management of people flow in villa areas, communities, scenic spots, stations, code gates, office buildings, and the identification and automatic charging management of various clubs, hotels, entertainment venues, etc. are gradually replacing traditional manual gates with smart gates. Ticket inspection or admission.